Equipment Prestiging

  • For a small gold and move XP cost, equipment can now be prestiged!
  • Prestiging equipment will reset it’s progress back to level 1
  • Show off your skills with equipment specific special FX and a badge within the equipment menu!
  • Equipment must be level 4 to prestige!


Equipment Rank Unlocking



  • Added grey background on locked equipment cards!
  • New push notifications added so you never miss a crate!
  • Notifications added for equipment upgrades!
  • Added an option in the Settings Menu to turn on/ off ‘crates full’ prompt!
  • Notifications now have quantity counters on them!
  • Victory Crate cooldown time reduced to 20 hours


Bug Fixes

  • Tournament error pop up fixed!
  • Auto opening crates/ stealing gems bug fixed!
  • Fixed emote muting for text emotes!
  • Fixed equipment upgrade visual issue (e.g. upgrading armor to level 3 didn’t show two shoulders until you restarted the game)



We hope you enjoy the latest patch! Let us know your thoughts over on Discord or Reddit!

See you in battle!
The Smash Supreme Team