Hey Guys!

As of the latest update, equipment is now unlocked by rank! Incase you missed it, you can read all about the recent additions and fixes made to Smash Supreme over here!

If you’re already Rank 1, this probably won’t mean alot to you, though if you’re a brawler on the rise this is definitely something to take note off:

Unlocks by rank:


Rank 1

  • Wukong’s Crown
  • Shogun Kabuto


Rank 2-4

  • Berserker Helm
  • Ancient Hood
  • Dragon Guts
  • Blastball Bat
  • Sacred Spaulders
  • Tao Bracelets
  • Crusader Armguard
  • c120 Cyber Visor


Rank 5-7

  • Holy Pauldrons
  • Horned Helm
  • M1 Helmet
  • Knight Brazier
  • cTek Shock Deflector
  • Toxin Filter
  • Half Shell
  • M1 Mighty Missile
  • Sharpstripes Armorband


Rank 8-10

  • Skullbasher
  • Combatant Shoulderguards
  • Golum Shoulder
  • Gorb’s Shark
  • Feudal Mallet
  • Deathbringer Shoulders
  • Discus Shield
  • Demon Shoulders
  • A Big Pipe


Rank 11

  • Steel Spaulder
  • Anchor
  • Focus Bandana
  • Tenderizer
  • Warboy Guards



Smash Supreme is always evolving! We will keep you updated with regular changes to keep gameplay as fresh, fine tunes and fun as possible. Please leave your thoughts and feedback on Discord or Reddit!

See you in battle!
The Smash Supreme Team