• Equipment crate renamed Cosmetic crate
  • Cosmetic crate now also contains 0-1 emote and 0-1 dye on top of what it contained already!
  • Due to the change, Cosmetic crate price has raised from 60 gems to 80
  • Legendary and Incredible crates now guarantee legendary cards
  • Currency balancing of equipment upgrade costs
  • XP rewarded from upgraded equipment rebalanced
  • Currency reward balancing of the Victory crate and PvP victory rewards
  • Several moves have been rebalanced (check them out here!)



  • NEW: Added tournament button with timer to the Main Menu
  • NEW: Regional leaderboard to discover where you rank within your region


Seasonal Tournaments

  • Monthly tournaments for the top 512 players
  • Battle top players and be rewarded with heaps of loot!


We hope you enjoy the latest patch! Let us know your thoughts over on Discord or Reddit!

See you in battle!
The Smash Supreme Team