We’re taking Tournaments to the next level!


The launch of Tournaments earlier this year was a great success …but it wasn’t without the odd hiccup or two. During the beta tournament, we saw some exciting and intense battles from top brawlers across the globe with highly skilled fisticuffs across the board!

These Tournaments were a great experience as it gave us a chance to learn a lot about how you guys felt about the feature and which areas we wanted to make the biggest improvements to. We’re happy to let you know that we’ve been working super hard on those areas and we’re excited to announce the launch of seasonal Tournaments!

Seasonal Tournaments have been scheduled monthly with the first taking place at the beginning of the first official season (early 2018); think of the pre-season as a tasty appetizer for the tasty treat that is to come!


It’s time to start training because pre-season is about to begin!


What is the Pre-Season Tournament?


  • Get a taste of the seasonal tournament format coming to Smash Supreme soon!
  • Face off against the top 512 fighters in your region for a heap of rewards!
  • Takes place on Saturday 9th December (2pm UTC)!
  • Only the top 512 fighters in their region will qualify for the tournament!
  • Every participant gets a reward for qualifying – reward upgrades the further you get!




How can I participate?


  • Remember, the tournament starts (and ends!) on December 9th 2017!
  • Fight your way to the top 512 in your region!
  • Fighters will be announced Friday 8th December!




This is just the beginning for tournaments and we know they have a a lot of room to grow, we’ll keep improving them with every update in addition to bringing you a ton of other cool features too!

Stay tuned for more details about the pre-season Tournament on the official Smash Supreme Facebook, Twitter and Reddit! The Arena is open – It’s time to fight!


See you in battle!
The Smash Supreme Team.