Before we begin, we at Gumbug would like to say a huge thank you to anyone and everyone who came to have a chat with us and try out Smash Supreme during the Indie Dev Influencer Junket at the SpaceApe Game’s studio back in January. It was our first ever time showing off Smash Supreme and it went really well! We met a ton of cool people working on awesome projects; as we’ve already discussed our experiences at the Junket in the Gumbug winter blog, so if you’re interested in hearing more about event you can check it out here!

This month we find ourselves knee deep in the icy cold English winter, and with pre-production nearly over it’s about time we have a chat about the three newest additions to Smash Supreme: some major graphical redesigns, a cool new customisation feature and even a shiny new character — fresh out the computer!:


Art & Design: Menu Redesign

A huge part of this month was rethinking the art and design behind the Main Menu with the aim to create a much clearer, more fluid and engaging design which matches the style of the rest of the game. The Main Menu was our very own wild beast – hard to wrangle and with untameable hair…

The previous Customisation Menu, never forget


The entirety of the Main Menu appearance and control have been completely redesigned to make navigating through the menus and doing core game tasks such as upgrading moves and customising characters much, much quicker, leaving you a ton more time to kick (or punch, whatever your preference!) people in the head.

You can take a look at the menu changes below, what do you think? Let us know!:

The new design makes navigating through the menus much quicker! Huzzah!

There’s still a little wrangling yet to be done, but don’t worry. We’re on it. We gave birth to it and we know what it takes to keep it in line.

New Feature: Fighter Attachments

Next up — A new gameplay feature! Earlier this month we implemented a fighter attachments feature which adds the ability to collect and attach 3 different pieces of equipment to a character for stat bonuses and effects during combat!


Fighter Attachments work as so:

  • Each character has a total of 3 different zones which allow for attachments to be added: a head piece, an armour slot and a weapon.
  • Once an attachment has been equipped, the stat bonus’ associated with the attachment will instantaneously be applied to the character ready for them to take effect during the next battle.
  • The location of each zone, and how the attachments are used in battle, is entirely dependant on the character the equipment is attached to.
  • Each attachment can be upgraded a total of 3 times to improve their stats.
  • All fighter attachments are exclusive to one zone.


Look at Finn (left) with the bandana and shark attachment equipped rather than the unwashed/ stylish hair and anchor worn by his opponent (right)?


Fighter attachments add a whole new dynamic to character customisation and help distinguish characters
by giving them a much more personalised aesthetic.


Fighter attachments are a form of character customisation, and so like other forms of customisation such as Dyes and Emotes, you can unlock a ton of new equipment via cosmetic crates earned throughout the game. More on fighter attachments soon!


New Character: Werbo

Our final announcement is a little bit more of an introduction — introducing our newest character: Werbo; a mischievous fighter friend to help guide you throughout your journey in destroying strangers and becoming stupidly powerful!
Werbo will be your first foe in the arena and will act a little like your very own metal Mr Miyagi. But that’s enough about Werbo, we’re sure you’ll see more of him soon!

Say Hi to werbo! Isn’t he lovely?


And so, that wraps up what we’ve been up to this month! We‘re sure to have a ton of new stuff to show and tell over the next month, so make sure you keep up to date by following us on our Twitter, Facebook and Reddit social accounts!