Good morning, good evening, goodnight. Or whatever time it may be where you are! The clocks have now gone back here in the UK and in the words of the infamous Jon Snow “winter is coming”.


Although it’s getting pretty chilly here in London, we have got some super hot news to drop for you guys – It’s about due time we introduced you to someone cool, give a warm welcome to Finn, The Brawler Extraordinaire!


Finn was the first character to be integrated into the game and enter the arena; he is a humble and boisterous apprentice fisherman and well respected brawler. Finn fights with a distinctive slow and hard hitting style, favouring big meaty punches and close quarter combat over stupid and puny long range moves that are for idiots.


Finn currently lives with his grandmother, Clara, near The Harbour, working day to day as an assistant fish-stacker. To his chiropractor’s dismay, he trains his strength by wearing an anchor on his back – as he would say, broken chairs/ doorways/ vertebrae are a small price to pay for having the strength of a champion!


Finn competes for honour, knowledge and a desire to be the very best. Like no-one ever was.


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